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Rain wets your skin, but never your heart..

Get to Know: Emma Watson (insp)



Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

I think the fandom has gone off their rocker.

Honestly we maintained our sanity longer than I had expected.


4/4 of McFly do the ice bucket challenge. Donate here

McFly + zodiac signs

Dougie Poynter -  


I think it worries me a bit that not everybody on the planet 
is panicking. We're stranded on this one planet – we know
there's other places that are earth-like, but fuck knows how
we're going to get there – not everybody is made aware
of how important it is that we start taking action now
before it's way too late.❞

So kiss me kiss me kiss me and tell me that i’ll see you again…

@Luke5SOS: A band that showers together, stays together

Stronger than yesterday!!

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